Independence Day Preparations!

It’s that time of year again – the 4th of July is back! Not sure what all of the fuss is about? Check out our ‘What’s the deal with the 4th of July’ post from 2015 for a brief history of Independence Day and some competitive hot dog eating trivia!

Now you are all up to speed, the next step is getting prepared. Here is our check list of what is needed to do 4th of July celebrations properly…

Put aside the fact that you are British for one day

This day is all about America, but more specifically, America being freed from the British Empire. Embrace the celebrations and try not to be too offended that they have dedicated the entire day to getting rid of us…

Learn the national anthem

Americans are very patriotic. At some point today you will definitely hear the national anthem, whether it’s on the TV or sung by a drunken neighbour – why not embrace it and sing along!

Face paints

We can pretend these are for the kids, but we all know that a mini stars and stripes tribute placed strategically on your cheek is too tempting to refuse! Get into the spirit of the day and go all out!

Don’t like hot dogs? Learn to like them.

BBQ’s or ‘cook-outs’ are a big thing on 4th of July and if we’ve learnt anything from the abundance of American movies and TV shows we’ve watched it’s that all Americans love a hot dog. It’s like being British and drinking tea – it’s in the genes.

Finally… enjoy the day!

We Brits are famously more reserved than our American cousins but this may be the only time you celebrate the 4th of July in America – make the most of it and get stuck in!

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